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Learn Music with Shaun


Learn Music with Shaun provides high-quality music lessons for all skill levels, including aspiring guitarists. My online platform combines technical proficiency with creativity, fostering a solid foundation and exploring unique musical styles. My experience will guide students through a transformative journey, where you can feel empowered to express yourself

Learn Online Piano Lessons

My online guitar lessons combine technical mastery and creativity. I start with students through basic chords, strumming techniques, complex solos, and improvisation, ensuring a solid foundation and exploring their unique musical style.

We offer comprehensive music education in piano, composition, and production, focusing on helping students of all levels unleash their musical potential and achieve goals.

Piano Instruction

I provide personalized piano lessons for beginners and experienced pianists, focusing on technique, music theory, sight-reading, and diverse repertoires like classical, jazz, and pop. Students’ progress comfortably with a structured curriculum and patient guidance while staying motivated and inspired.


Shaun's music composition expertise will guide you in crafting original pieces across various genres, including melody writing, harmonization, arrangement, and orchestration. His lessons nurture your talent and help you develop your unique musical voice, whether aspiring to compose for film or video games or explore your artistic side.

Music Production

I cover recording, mixing, mastering, sound design, arrangement, MIDI programming, and audio effects. By the end, you'll have the skills to confidently produce your music and pursue a career in the industry.

Music Lessons for Beginners

Beginner music lessons by Shaun focus on building a solid foundation and developing proper technique. I teach essential music theory, chords, and rhythm, gradually progressing to playing favourite songs, fostering confidence and skills for proficient musicians.

Personalized Classes for All

Learn Music with Shaun offers online music classes for all ages and skill levels, including piano, song writing and guitar. I provide personalized instruction with flexible scheduling options for busy students. I tailor the content to your desires, coupled with my support and being your accountability partner

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My online music school offers convenient, effective learning from home, connecting with fellow musicians in Los Angeles, San Diego, Sydney, and beyond. Enroll in your personalised music classes today to become a dream musician.