Studio Policy 2024


  • To provide a safe, engaging and motivating learning environment
  • To create a curriculum tailored to each student's diverse learning needs
  • To provide evidence-based instruction and healthy technique training 
  • To prescribe appropriate and efficient practice techniques and habits
  • To regularly communicate student progress to parents and guardians
  • To organise recital performances and other performing opportunities



  • To communicate any issues/concerns arising from other activities at hand
  • To provide an appropriate lesson and practice space free of distractions
  • To provide a well-maintained instrument
  • To practice consistently each week according to teacher's suggestions
  • To supervise practice sessions and provide encouragement during practice
  • To demonstrate regular attendance and punctuality at lessons
  • To take advantage of performance opportunities at local talent shows, local ensembles and competitions
  • To provide punctual payment of tuition and fees


When students enrol, they are reserving their place in the studio for the entire term. Changes to weekly schedules may be made on a case-by-base basis each month before tuition is due. 


Students are guaranteed 42 lessons per year. The Calendar is divided into 4 terms: 

Term 1: January - March 

Term 2: April - June 

Term 3: July - September

Term 4: October - December

Apart from the Summer term which has 11 weeks, the remainder of the other terms will have between 10 weeks of lessons

The Studio's calendar follows closely to the NSW School Terms, as outlined in the NSW Government website. The only exception is for Term 1, the Studio commences 2 weeks before the official school term. 

Emergency Weeks

There are 42 paid lessons, which means there are 10 weeks without lessons scheduled over the course of the year. This builds in time off for teacher and students for vacations, public holidays, emergencies, or unavoidable schedule conflicts. If the teacher does not use all the Emergency Weeks, students benefit by receiving those lessons at no extra cost.


Lesson times are secured at the beginning of the school year and roll over Term 4 to Term 1. Should a student need to change their lesson time mid-term, the teacher will try to accomodate the change but a slot cannot be guaranteed. Please note that a student's spot will not be guaranteed for the Term 1 the following year if they were not enrolled in lessons during Term 4 of the year before



A Flat-rate system is used for tuition. Monthly  instalments are structured so that regardless of the number of lesson weeks in each month, the tuition remains a flat, predictable amount. 

The quoted rate includes the following

  • Pre-planned absences and holiday breaks
  • Access to the My Music Staff Student/Parent Portal, containing all lesson notes throughout the time in the studio
  • Access to the teacher for constant feedback and support 
  • All Supplemental material provided during lessons
  • Recital Fees

Tuition is paid via automatic direct debit payments and is due on the 1st of each month. Upon confirmation of enrolment, student/parent/guardian will be required to register their method of payment. All automatic payments will run through Stripe


In the event that a payment is returned or declined, payment can be done manually. Any payments not received by 7th of the billing month will receive a $20 late fee. Recurring late payments may result in termination of student’s enrolment 


The studio accepts NSW Creative Kids Voucher. To ensure this is applied, please forward the voucher 7 days before the invoice date.


Each student is responsible for purchasing the required music and materials for lessons. Materials will be assigned by me and the student will be expected to have the materials no later than two weeks after the materials have been assigned. Advanced notice will be provided whenever possible. If the teacher is meant to produce new content and material, it will be included within 24-48 hours of the lesson time


Each student are allowed to upload unlimited amount of videos of their practice throughout the week and send to the teacher for critique and feedback. This can be done via uploading a video on the Practice Log feature of the My Music Staff Parent Portal or Google Drive. Once sent and notified, the teacher will provide feedback within 48 hours of receipt. 

Lesson notes will always be sent to parent within 48 hours. This allows the teacher to log the notes correctly and also add new material if student requests for anything new during lesson time




 Tuition fee is not reduced for student absences. Tuition fee is also non-refundable and non-transferable.  

Students are guaranteed one make-up lesson per term. Make-up lessons occur either during an available time slot in the teacher’s schedule or during the make-up week at the end of the term or during the pre-planned breaks. 


Make-up lessons are offered for the following conditions

  • Student or family illness (providing 24 hour notice is given)
  • A medical emergency or extenuating circumstance
  • Religious observance 

Make Up lessons will not be offered for lessons cancelled due to conflicting activities (e.g. sports, dance, other tuition). Lessons missed for other activities and on-the-day illness notice are forfeited. 

Make-up availabilities will always be reflected on the calendar of the student portal. If Lesson is cancelled within the notice period, a make-up credit is given and a make-up lesson can be booked on the portal. 


In the event the teacher must cancel a lesson, a make-up lesson will always be offered. If a make-up lesson is not possible due to schedule conflicts, a lesson credit will be applied to the next tuition payment


Should a student choose to withdraw from lessons, please give notice 30 days prior. Notice should be communicated in person followed by a written email/text message. 

If a student withdraws halfway through the term, tuition for the remainder of the term still applies. Alterations to this policy are on a case-by-case basis

Withdrawing from lessons permanently forfeits the student's time slot - the student is not guaranteed a lesson slot if he or she chooses to resume lessons at a later date. The withdrawn student will then be placed on the waiting list, where an email will be sent at the end of the term if any openings arises. Unused lessons will be refunded. 



A studio recital will be held at end of each Term 2 and Term 4. Recital pieces are chosen 6 weeks before the recital date and are subject to a hearing 2 weeks before the recital date to ensure that students are prepared to have a positive performance experience. Those who are preparing for school assessments and auditions are encouraged to perform and attend


The easiest and preferred method of communication between student/parent/guardian and teacher is text message or email



Performances may be photographed and videoed. Occasionally, lessons may be photographed for promotional purposes. Parents/Guardians will always be communicated in advance if ever material is being used. 


By enrolling and paying tuition for my child in Learn Music with Shaun's studio, I certify that I understand and agree to the studio policies for the 2023 calendar year.